The Repair Process

Auto Hail Damage Service

Dent Lifters Inc. is a complete storm management solution for your hail damaged vehicle(s). If a storm takes place in your area, we set up a repair center, offering a complete end to end service to restore your vehicle(s) to pre-storm condition. This process consists of:

  • Quoting your damaged vehicle(s).
  • Dealing with your insurance company and supporting you during the claim process.
  • Repairing the vehicle(s) with the most suitable method of repairs, through either paintless dent repair or conventional repairs.
  • Delivering the vehicle back to you in its pre-hail condition.

Dealerships / Fleets / Manufacturers

When hail hits your dealership, you need:

  • Representation from the experts who will lead you to an accurate settlement.
  • Quick, quality repairs so you can return to business as usual.
  • An experienced company that you can trust.

We have done this before!

Dent Lifters Inc. has been working with auto dealers after hail storms for over 20 years. We understand your business and the disruption a hail storm can cause. Not to worry! Dent Lifters Inc. can mobilize quickly to evaluate the extent of damage and begin repairs on sold units.

Accurate Pricing

Dent Lifters Inc. will quickly assess your affected inventory and give you a discounted repair price quote based on volume. Pricing will include paintless dent repairs, removal and re-installation of trim panels and parts replacement, when necessary. Dent Lifters Inc. will work side-by-side with appraisers from your insurance company. We will supply special lights to highlight the smallest of imperfections and ensure that all damaged panels and parts are accounted for. Proper inspection conditions are imperative to getting an accurate appraisal and a favorable settlement!

OEM Quality Standards

Dent Lifters Inc. offers the highest quality repairs, which meet or exceed OEM standards, and are performed by the best technicians in the industry. All repaired vehicles go through a thorough quality control inspection before returning to the sales lot. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Fast and Efficient

Dent Lifters Inc. can quickly deploy storm teams that include estimators, repair technicians and managers. In most cases, we can be up and running in 48 hours. We usually begin repairs on sold units and “We Owes” before your claim is even settled. Prompt repairs result in prompt deliveries.

Creating Profit Centers

Dent Lifters Inc. can provide an additional revenue stream to your dealership by performing repairs on “retail customers” through the service department or body shop. A substantial amount of revenue can be driven into your dealership by marketing this new service to existing customers.

Dent Lifters Inc. │ Auto Hail Repair │ Paintless Dent Repair Services
Dent Lifters Inc. │ Auto Hail Repair │ Paintless Dent Repair Services

Body Shops / Collision Centers

When hail hits your area, you need:

  • Appraisers that know what can be fixed using PDR and what must be repaired conventionally.
  • Estimates that coincide with DRP agreements.
  • Repairs that meet OEM quality standards and satisfy you and your customers.

Individuals / Retail Customers

When you get caught in a hail storm without protection, you need to:

  • Get an appraisal before visiting your insurance company.
  • Learn how to see the damage like a technician does.
  • Get your vehicle repaired fast and to the highest standard.
  • Let us be your concierge. We will get you in a rental car, finalize your insurance claim AND repair your vehicle to pre-storm condition.
Dent Lifters Inc. │ Auto Hail Repair │ Paintless Dent Repair Services

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Hail Doesn't Wait,
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